I routinely purchase things over the internet, and time and time again, I have turned to reviews to help me make a purchasing decision. When I was in med school a couple of years ago, I was responsible for purchasing my own stethoscope. Even though we’d been taught some tips on how to choose the right one, I still found myself bombarded with choices. stethoscope reviews really played a big part in helping me locate the piece that would best help me in school.

Reviews are testimonials that are written by users of a particular products. Sometimes, these people are end-users, as I was in medical school; other times, these people are professionals who are testing products and then offering up their unbiased opinion. Both of these types of reviews are beneficial for different ways. A professional can be detailed about that quality and craftsmanship of a product, as well as its technical aspects, but an end-user can be the one to tell you that for all of a product’s quality, it just doesn’t work well.

If it had not been for stethoscope reviews, I would have certainly purchased a stethoscope that I would not have been satisfied with. Many people, from professors to other students, had been harping on about a particular brand, and I was close to making a purchase. At the last moment, a review caught my eye. The writer went on to talk about how uncomfortable the ear pieces were for this particular stethoscope. Even though this piece was one of the better ones on the market, I knew that uncomfortable pieces rubbing against my sensitive ears would have driven me crazy.

In the case of the stethoscope, and in many cases since, reading reviews has kept me from making purchase decisions that I would have no doubt regretted later.