Over the summer I had decided that I would make a radical change in my life by uprooting everything that I knew from Louisville, Kentucky and make my to Austin, Texas. It was a purely whimsical, impulsive choice as to where I would go. I just wanted to pick a place that would have been unlikely to come to the forefront of my mind in a decision like this as a way to challenge myself. You are at your very best when you are being challenged and I needed. I found a website to help me choose texas power – unlike most states, Texas has an abundance of natural resources and energy types that you can choose to have routed to your residence. In Kentucky, we had two primary energy providers available to us. In Texas, I found at least half a dozen during a casual Google browsing session that showed me the variety of energy choices I had.

I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of options that were here in Texas, I can see why now they are so fiercely independent as a state. They don’t lack for much from the Federal government and having this much energy available to them gives them an edge that most states lack. It would almost be easy for them to pick up their constitution and develop their own independent city-state. I honestly am surprised that they haven’t done as much as yet in the first place, despite their threats. It would be an interesting experiment if nothing else to see what might happen if a modern state decided to go independent – it is a right that they do have under the current constitution. Maybe that’s why I chose Texas as my new home, I have a feeling something exciting will happen here soon.