My husband and I knew that we were going to have to get away but we did not know where that was going to be. I knew that he had a lot of time off at work and he was very stressed out, we were looking for a great deal online so that we could both go and get away. I found that it was a great deal to go to Las Vegas and while we were gone we could have the killeen electric companies come in and rewire the garage that he wanted to have done so that he could use his welder and plasma cutters with all of his toys. Before we left, we saw that there were a lot of good deals online for us to go and look at the different things that the area had to offer, it was going to be a really big deal.

I could not believe how much money it was going to be for us to stay there for a week and also have a round trip flight there and back, it was going to be an amazing time. I was hoping that my husband was going to be able to enjoy some of the deals that I found for us online. There was a coupon for a museum that talked about the different areas of the desert where they tested the atomic bomb and the people that worked there were actually making their own little city out of the desert where they were all so happy to work, they did not know that most of them were getting poisoned and killed by the radiation. I thought that it was really interesting and I could not wait to see the rest of the museum after the first time we were in.