I need to get a website posted to the internet in the near future, and I am hoping to find some good deals on web hosting. The website that I need to have published is for the small business that I work for, and my boss wants me to have it put up online as soon as possible. As such, I am looking for a site where I can find a hostgator coupon that is up to date and such. I really hope that I will be able to get the best prices out there, even if it is only for an introductory rate, or something along those lines.

I guess that I will be looking to get some sort of small business hosting package for the website, even though I am not sure if we will actually need that elaborate of hosting plan. I do not expect that the website will attract all that much website traffic; at least, I don’t think it will in the beginning. I do hope that it will have ample traffic later on, as word of mouth spreads. It would be nice to have unlimited bandwidth for the website none the less, as it will allow me to sleep easier if I know that the website will probably not go down anytime due to spikes in traffic. I need to make sure that the website package has ample storage space for files; I am not really sure why, but my boss told me that I need to see that there is ample storage space available. I am hoping that I will be able to get this all figured out soon, because I told my boss that I would try my hardest in order to make sure that the website was up by the end of the week.