Years ago I was hooked on watching a TV show about humans living in the future. The big thing was space travel in star ships, as they called them. I was fascinated by the automation they had for just about everything. Doors would open when they walked up to them, elevators would respond to voice commands, and so would the lights where they lived. It is no wonder I am so interested in home automation technology that is actually available for homes today.

It is actually an integration of already established technologies. Wireless switching and control mechanisms have been around for some time. Surveillance cameras have been too. GPS has been in use for a number of years. Putting it all together with voice recognition software allows for some quite incredible home automation systems that are available today.

The system I have in our home knows where we are at. An app on my phone using the GPS and cellular network lets the system at home see where I happen to be. If I access the app and tell the system I am on my way home, it can tell where I am at and how long it will take me to get home. Now, depending on what I have hooked up at home to be automated, the system will turn things on and get them ready for me.

I have curtains, door locks, lighting, the garage door and the heating and cooling system of the house preset to do what I want it to as I am getting closer to home. First, the heating and cooling system adjusts the temperature to a preset level so it is right where we want it to be when we get home. The lights come on a couple of minutes before we get there, and sensors open the garage door for me as I approach it. I am happy to be living in a time that is like that old TV show I liked.